Monday, 7 November 2016

Wedding at The Aviator Hotel at Sywell Aerodrome

As wedding venues go, this was an unusual one and a really interesting one too.  Located at Sywell Aerodrome right on the edge of the original WWII grass airfield, The Aviator Hotel is only a few miles from Northampton. The Hotel used to be the RAF Officers Mess and is themed in 1930s Art Deco style and features original Sywell memorabilia from its aviation heritage. The airfield is still in use to this day.

The Aviator Hotel at Sywell Aerodrome made for an interesting backdrop for Natalie and Andy's intimate nuptials, and their lovely dog who came along for part of the day.  This would surely be an ideal wedding location for anyone who loves aviation or aviation memorabilia.

St Marys Church, Woburn and Horwood House Milton Keynes

I had the pleasure of photographing Aimme and Duncans wedding in July this year, although I have photographed many weddings at Horwood House in Milton Keynes, I have never been to St Marys Church in Woburn.  Its always nice to photograph a different venue and go and have a look around beforehand to get ideas of locations for taking nice photos for the happy couple.  Aimee and her bridesmaids got ready at Horwood house and then travelled to Woburn before returning for the reception.

The weather on their big day was good, which being England even in July you cannot guarantee!

Here are some of the photographs of their day.

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Friday, 4 November 2016

Retro VW Campervans and Beetles are all the rage.....

This past year or so I have photographed many weddings with many interesting and fun vehicles, my favourites always have to be the retro type vehicles, the vehicles that have character and often are given a name by their owners.  These vehicles are often old but have been lovingly restored or kept immaculate by their dedicated owners.  Two such weddings have featured beautiful VW campervans and a VW Beetle.  The first wedding was that of Edward and Erica, their wedding was held at the beautiful converted nursery in Nottinghamshire called Floral Media, a truly unique venue with amazing gardens and grounds for photography.

The second wedding that featured an old VW vehicle or 2 was that of Wes and Laura who had 2 immaculate vehicles from Peartree Weddings range of vehicles. 
Their wedding was at another venue I have never photographed at before, the ceremony was at Egginton church and then onwards to Eversholt Hall.

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Monday, 31 August 2015

As a photographer I get to be a part of many different events with my clients, capturing their special times on my cameras, giving them a tangible reminder of their wedding, event, party, christening, family portrait session or even funeral. 

All weddings are a special time and I enjoy witnessing the joy and love of the day as a couple celebrate with their family and friends.  Most weddings are private events, shared with just the couples friends and families, however, every now and again I get to give photography cover for something a little bit different. 

Most modern weddings are personalised so the day reflects the couple and their love for each other, along with their shared interests or hobbies to some extent, I've had the pleasure of photographing amongst others a 1950's themed wedding, a Victorian inspired wedding, a bus fanatics wedding, weddings in manor houses etc.  So, where would you get married if you were an avid Rugby fan?  Why, your teams ground of course!

I was honoured to be booked to cover such a wedding this August bank holiday weekend.  The couple have been fans of the Northampton Saints Rugby Club for many years, and it was their dream to get married at the club ground, Franklin's Gardens in Northampton.  Luckily the grounds recently applied for and were granted the licence to hold wedding ceremonies there.  Sarah and Dan booked their wedding and theirs was to be the very first wedding ceremony to be held there, a truly unique experience. 

As Northampton is a town that are rightfully very proud of their successful rugby team their wedding was big news.  A couple of days before the wedding the happy couple were interviewed by BBC Radio Northampton, and there was a piece in the local newspaper who also sent a photographer to get a couple of photos on the day of the wedding.  Also a lot of couples have a videographer on their special day, but few can claim to have been featured on the local BBC news programme, but BBC Look East attended Sarah and Dan's big day too!

So far from being the only photographer attending their big day, I was so happy to share in their special and unique day.  Even though it was their first wedding ceremony held at the ground the day ran well thanks to the very organised Kim Mundy (the Business Development Executive) in the events team at Franklin's Gardens.

The following are just a sneak preview of the couples photos taken on their big day.  They were such a lovely couple and happy to have a bit of fun with their photos to capture the fantastic venue. 

I wish them both a very long, healthy and happy life together, and many more years of supporting Northampton Saints of course. 

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Thursday, 11 December 2014

I thought i was having a trip to America !!!!

The email came through that, as i read, made my heart skip a beat! It was from a lady in America, Fargo , North Dakota to be exact!! Michelle was looking for a wedding photographer. She had seen my website and loved my work. My heart was getting faster as i read on. Then i realized that i wasn't to be having a trip to the USA, but Michelle was coming over to the UK to marry her Fiance :-)
I wasn't upset as this was going to be a first for me. A bride coming all the way from America, to marry the love of her life, in a little village church, near to where i live.
Fargo, North Dakota is where the great TV series was filmed.

I read the whole email and was already looking forward to the possibility that I would be chosen to capture the day. After a few emails, Michelle and her partner had decided that they did indeed want me to capture their wedding for them !! Yippeeeee :-)

I made arrangements to meet up with the groom. It would have been fab to have been able to meet with Michelle, but my budget wouldn't allow me to pop over to see her for a pre wedding consultation, lol.
Between the three of us, using email and Michelle and Iby using skype, we worked out what was to be happening on the day.

The big day arrived and Michelle and her family had brought the most amazing sunshine with them!! The day was a scorcher. Not a cloud in the sky and roasting hot. Not the best weather for me as i prefer the colder weather myself. Mainly due to having to carry a huge bag of kit around to make sure i have all i need to capture the day.
The Groom and his best man were nice and early. The other guests started to arrive in their summer outfits. Lovely summer dresse for the ladies and most of the gents had their designer shades on.
Once i had got the images of the groom and his best man. He was ushered into the church as Michelle was due to arrive any time soon.
Michelle had decided that she wanted a British icon as a car for her arrival! A proper Taxi cab :-)
The Taxi arrived, with Michelle and her sister (bridesmaid) taking a ride in the back.

Once inside, the service started and the vicar was saying that this was a first for the church. Having a bride come from America to marry in this parish. He had also been using modern technology and had been on Skype with Michelle to work out all the finer details. The whole service was fantastic and went without a hitch.

Michelle had arrived a week or so early before the wedding, to sort out last minute things and , we had met up to look at locations for taking bride and groom images. Iby, the groom had lived most of his life in Simpson Village, Milton Keynes. He had many, many fond memories of playing in the local fields and parks as a child. These parks etc were to play a big part in the bride and groom photos. I was really looking forward to doing this. It was just the three of us, plus the Taxi driver, who didn't appear in the photos, but was key to moving the newlyweds to the various locations we were to use.

After the service, we spent some time making use of the wonderful church grounds, for all the group shots. Then headed off, with me following the Taxi.
First stop was to the local pub! Not for a few swift pints, but to take some shots at the rear of the pub, which backed onto the Grand Union Canal. Somewhere i often walk myself.
From there we headed to the local parkland, where Iby had spent his youth, enjoying the open fields.
We spent around an hour capturing some lovely portraits of the newly weds. We even had a small group of Cattle heading our way!! I wouldn't say i was worried. Just made sure i  kept my eye on where the Cattle were heading. Being fairly local myself and often walking my two dogs in similar parkland. I was aware that the Parks Trust only put Cattle in their parks that were very docile. Well, that's what I had read on several signs on gateways to their parks :-) We even made use of having the cattle in the background in some of the images.

From the park lands, it was then onto the reception. Which was being held at a venue I have had the pleasure of photographing at many times. It was The Holiday Inn East, just outside Newport Pagnell, Milton Keynes.
We captured some great images using the Taxi as prop. Then the couple let some White Doves fly loose. This was a first for me at a wedding. I was able to capture some great images as the Doves flew off, back to their base.

It was then onto the wedding breakfast. Where i captured a few more photos of the newlyweds, as they settled down with their guests, to enjoy the rest of their day.

All in all, a truly wonderful day, full of love and joy.
The lovely couple had a week away in Paris for their honeymoon. Then it was back to America. So i had to pull my finger out to ensure the all the images were edited and ready for the trip back home.

I'm now waiting for that call to ask me to come over and do some newborn Baby photography, when Michelle & Iby start their family ;-) Well, a photographer can only dream, I suppose.

So, now that I have had a bride from many thousands of miles away from the UK, i need to set a challenge to photograph a wedding in a foreign country or have a bride travel from somewhere like Australia !!

Below are a few images from the day. Hope you enjoy them. Please leave a comment if you enjoyed this blog.

Regards, Mark
 Groom checking timings.
 Bride and Bridesmaid, inside the Taxi.
 You must have a selfie at a wedding nowadays.
 Casual image of the newlyweds.
 This is next to The Grand Union Canal.
 The docile Cattle, in background !
 Lovely Bride portrait. Below, the London style Taxi.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Fab wedding with fellow bikers.

Earlier this year I was asked to meet up with a lovely couple. to photograph their wedding. The evening came and we got together.

We discussed what they wanted from their wedding photography. Had a good talk about how the day was going to run, which is what I always like to do when I meet a new couple. I think it's very important that as a wedding photographer I know all the times, all the names of Best man, Bridesmaids, parents and any Grandparents. That way I am giving a more personal service.

We got talking about the theme of their day and there was mention of the grooms vintage BMW motorcycle being part of the big day! Now I knew that they were into their motorbikes, the conversation changed and we spent a good while talking bikes.
The groom said that the bike was a 1940's BMW but it could also be as late as 1960's !! Due to being a copy by the Chinese ! Yes, they were copying things that far back.

I was really looking forward to seeing the bike in the flesh, but had to wait a few months for the big day!! Or did I ??

Forward a few months and a nice sunny Saturday. I decided to go out for a ride on my bike. Heading over towards Brackley, where I purchased the bike, the weather was fab. Lovely sunshine, warm air blowing into my leathers and the thought of a nice hot Latte, with a sticky cake of some sort ;-) Please don't tell the wife !! Im supposed to be eating healthy.
I pulled up outside the shop and spotted a lovely vintage bike parked up. Had a quick look. Then headed into the shop to have a drool. Over bikes, not sticky cakes !! That came a short while later.
I spent a good few thousand pounds in my mind, on several bikes that I would love to have in my garage. There was a nice Honda CBR600f, Triumph Street Triple, Triumph Explorer and a few Ducati's. A quick mooch around the clothing and then it was time to have that Latte and cake. Theres a great small café next door. Which also sells biker clothing. A brand I had not heard of before and, still slipping my mind. I do remember though that it was amazing quality for the price. I will have to pop over there again for another look and a Latte, of course.
As it was a lovely day. I decided to sit outside and enjoy the coffee and cake. Then it was time to head back home. The dogs needed walking.

I started to walk back to my bike, when I saw the owner of the vintage bike, getting his gloves and helmet ready to ride off. He had his partner with him and, he then pushed her bike out for her. A gorgeous Suzuki Bandit 1250cc!! I wasn't at all jealous, that I only had a little Kawasaki ER6f. Which is a parallel twin 650cc.

As most bikers tend to do. I wandered over to have a chat about the vintage bike. Which turned out to be a lovely BMW ? We chatted about its charms and quirks. About the great looking leather panniers that he had just had made in Poland.
I said my goodbyes and we went our separate ways. Something was bugging me though! I knew the couple! But where from ? 
Once the bike started up I jumped on and headed home for that dog walk. About 5 mins down the road and 'Bingo' !!! I had just been chatting to my wedding biker couple ! Doh !! Neither of us had recognised each other lol I was going to contact them and say it was me they had been talking to. However I though I would mention it on the big day.

The big day arrived and I headed to The Cock Hotel for the big day. As I walked into the lovely courtyard, at the rear of the hotel. There was the bike! All shiny and with ribbons in the colour scheme of the day. It put a smile on my face knowing it was the same bike.
The guests started to arrive and the bike was a big attraction. Everyone was talking about it. No one dared to touch as the groom had spent an age cleaning every part of it.

I found the groom to capture so photos of him, prior to the arrival of his bride. I was blown away with his outfit !! I wont explain it. You will see photos later on.
A few shots taken and I headed into the main room, where the ceremony was to take place. Another blown away moment !!
The couple had spent an age making enormous crepe paper flowers. That were free standing. Although a couple of them didn't want to stand up and kept falling over lol
I haven't mentioned that there was a projection screen and projector set up. Not the like for old slides. But one that shows films, via a laptop.

The family had been busy and made a fantastic video for the guests to watch. The music and video started and in walked the groom. The guests were equally amazed at his outfit !! There was laughter and cheers. Some even shed a tear at how amazing he looked. A few shots of the reaction on peoples faces were captured. As the video finished the bride was announced into the room. She looked simply stunning !!

The service went without a hitch. I managed to capture some great shots of the bride and groom, showing how much they were in love, as they  exchanged their vows. I always get a lump in my throat when it comes to this part of the day :-)

After the service we jumped into their car and headed to the River Ouse, a couple of minutes away.
There had been a few black clouds looming, but had now dispersed. The light was amazing for some Bride & Groom photos. There is a lovely small lake with pontoons used by fishermen. Luckily, no fishermen were there. So, we took advantage of the settings and spent around 40 mins capturing some fantastic Bride & Groom portraits. Passers by gave us all a wave and wished the newlyweds a happy life together :-)

The couple only needed a short coverage of the day. So it was back to the hotel for the essential group photos and some more portraits of the newlyweds. Then, as they sat down for the wedding breakfast, I said my goodbyes and rushed home to upload the images.

I delivered the images to the couple a few weeks later, when they had returned from their Honeymoon. They had gone to Italy, hired a couple of bikes and did some touring. Taking in a round of the Moto GP !! How lucky were they to be there when it was on! Or was it planned? Your guesses are probably the same as mine.

The cd of images was loaded into their computer and, up popped the thumbnails. Then full screen. I really love watching the reaction of couples, as they see the photos. You can see them re-living the big day. I will say that I am always nervous that they will like how i have captured their day !! I didn't need to worry! They were over the moon with the images. I could see the smiles and hear the 'Oh yes, that's amazing' !! This is what makes me tick. What makes me realise that I do this job for this very reason. So couples have memories of the day, for the rest of their lives. I have now come to realise that I made the right move when I took redundancy three years ago.

I really am loving what I do :-)

Here are a small selection of images from the day. You now get to see the grooms amazing outfit.

 How amazing are these towering flowers?
 The big heart in back of photo was handmade by the family.
 Now, how's that for a wedding outfit ?!!!
 The name Mr Darcey was mentioned a few times :-)
 Much laughter was had, while watching the video.
 The newlyweds walk down the aisle, arm in arm and as happy as can be.
 At the rear of the hotel are these old outbuildings. These were stables for horses many years ago.
 Lovely soft light at the River Ouse.
 Now, look at that bike!!! It is stunning :-)
I love using this part of the hotel for some casual relaxed images.
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