Monday, 7 April 2014

Fun Wedding - including BP Petrol Station!!

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing a wedding this weekend for a lovely couple, the brief I was given was that they wanted the traditional shots but also something a little bit fun and different.  Their wedding reception venue was the Novotel in Milton Keynes opposite the BP petrol station in Linford Wood, Milton Keynes.  The couple felt it would be fun to do some photography on the petrol forecourt if they were allowed.  The best man was sent on a mission to ask if they would mind.  We were given the go ahead by the lovely helpful staff at the petrol station so off I went with my game for a laugh couple and their wedding car.  The resulting images are, I think you'll agree, something a little different and certainly memorable.

With very many thanks to the fun couple and BP.

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Cheers Mark

Monday, 9 December 2013

Family Portraits

I am always overjoyed when asked to do a family portrait session, whether it be indoors studio type work, or outdoors and informal shots.  I always feel privileged that the family are trusting me to capture this point in their lives, and to create a visual reminder that will last a lifetime.  Over the past few months I have had the pleasure of meeting several families for such portrait sessions, all have been up for anything, and some have had ideas of what they would like to achieve and others have just gone with the flow and allowed themselves to be guided by me.

Children are always up for fun and tend to be a lot less inhibited than the older family members, but I hope that I put people at ease so they all relax, this produces the best images.

We are very lucky in Milton Keynes that we have some stunning parklands and old stately homes that can be used as backdrops for outdoor portraits when the British Weather allows!

Some of the images I have captured are shown below, some I cannot show yet as they are Christmas Presents for family and I don't want to ruin the surprise :)

 Mother and Daughter

 such a cheeky grin :)

a lovely family

 a lot of laughs

covering granddad in needles

among the leaves

happy girl

perspective among the trees

say bye bye

 fun with leaves
the whole family including their beloved VW Camper Van

Just the Kids

time for lunch

all say Cheese

had enough of smiling now :)

ahh there we go again

 happy chap

dreams of driving

This next pair missed out on having any formal Prom Photos done as there was no photographer at their venue, so their parents booked them to have a photo shoot in their prom outfits :)
 In the Meadow


 taking a rest

trying not to smile :)
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Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and lets hope 2014 is a happy, healthy and prosperous one for us all.

Kind regards Mark

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Otters and Red Fox ! What a day to be out with the camera .

It's been a while since i have put fingers to the keyboard , but i needed to share these images that i was lucky to capture last Friday .
I went with a good friend of mine on one of his wildlife workshops . This was at the British Wildlife Centre in Surrey . The centre is open to the public at weekends and bank holidays . However , if you have a few people going , you are able to have the place to yourself , with a guide to take you around . The guide will also encourage the various animals to pose for the camera . So much so , that the Female Red Fox came very close to me . I made a squeek noise with my mouth and she came over and stuck her tongue in my ear !!! That sure made my day .

We were lucky enough to photograph the following on the day . Red Squirrel's , Red Fox , both male and female , Otters , Red Deer (which sadly got spooked by someone in the group , and wouldn't come back to pose for the cameras) , Field Mouse, Polecats, Stoats , Badgers , a gorgeous Female Hedgehog and a very well camouflaged Scottish Wild Cat . The wild cat really didn't want to play for the camera's , so she was left alone to hide amongst the undergrowth .

Our group consisted of nine photographers . With cameras ranging from Lumix , Canon EOS 1D's and various Nikons . This was interesting to see how the various cameras coped with situations . The Canon's certainly have better servo auto focus and cope better with a subject coming at speed towards the camera . Where , Nikon show less noise when the ISO has been cranked right up . I was shooting at 3200 ISO on a few of the images .

The weather was fairly kind to us . It was overcast for most of the day , which made for lovely light . There was a short sharp rain shower . But as i was laying on the ground when it rained , i decided to stay there , get wet and carry on taking great photos of the Fox's .

The facilities at the centre are fantastic . A lovely log fire to keep the main room warm , good tea and coffee to warm us up when coming in from the cold . Plus the sandwiches were freshly made and very tasty !! You can also use the projector screen in the main room if you want to do a bit of classroom work before you take any photos . The staff were fantastic . Nothing was any trouble for them . So as i said a great day out , highly recommended , even if you just go at weekends or bank holiday. You will still stand a good chance of getting some cracking photos .

As i had a wedding and another evening event on the Saturday , i have not had time to process all the images . So there are some Fox and Otter photos to wet your taste buds . I will try and get some of the other images done in the next week or so and post them up .

You will find more of my wildlife and landscape images on my face book page here . Or if you would like to have a look at my wedding , portrait and event work you can look here .

Hope you enjoy the photos . Please pop back over the coming days , as i will be posting more images as i get round to working on them .

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Some work from the last few weeks

Well , Christmas is well and truely behind us , but i wanted to tell you about a couple of small photographic related gifts that i received .

As i am often out with my camera during the cold days of winter , i always find using big clumsy gloves a pain , as i can't use any of the controls on the camera or lenses . I find that i am forever taking off gloves and putting them back on again , which is a real pain .
My mum asked me what she could get me for Christmas and , a pair of gloves for use with a camera was on my wish list . Come 25th December , i opened my parcel from mum and i was delighted to find a pair of Lowepro photo gloves . These are quite thin with rubber bobbles on the palms and fingers . They also allow the thumb and forefinger on each hand to slip out of the glove at the tip , with velcro on the fingers of the glove to keep the material out of the way . They are made of Lycra , with DuPont , for whicking sweat away from your skin .
I have been using them almost daily since i got them and have found them to be brilliant !!!! For a thin glove , they are really warm and allow you to still get to all the controls on the camera body and lenses .
The strange thing is i haven't been able to find them for sale in the UK . Mine came from Hong Kong , via Ebay. So if you don't mind waiting a little longer for them to arrive , i would highly reccomend investing in a pair . Mine came from Here .

The second gift was from a friend . They know that i like to be out taking images of wildlife and my two dogs in all weathers . So this gift of a waterproof mat to lay on was well received !! You can find the details of this here . Again , this has been put to good use during the recent snow that we have had . I am 6' 2" and i can lay on this and not get wet or cold from the ground . It rolls up and has a couple of clips to attatch to your camera bag , or even your belt .

Here are a couple of images taken using the mat and gloves , during the cold wintery weather that Britain has had .

Hope you enjoyed my blog and photos as well . If you want to see more of my work , or more of what i offer . Please visit my website , here .

Regards Mark.

Monday, 17 December 2012

A few hours walking on a frosty morning .


I started this post five days ago !!! All i had typed was 12.12.12 !!! My mind went onto other things . I had lots of clients work to get through and , also , photos to take for clients as well . So here i am five days later , hoping i will finally get the words together and show you some of the images that i was able to capture on a very cold and frosty morning .

The UK weather had taken a turn from constant rain and , i mean constant rain !!! To a very cold snap . I am based in a fairly central location within the Uk and surrounded by water . I have The Grand Union Canal at the rear of the house , plus The Great River Ouse just a short distance from the front of the house . So when we get a frost , it seems to really kick in around us . Hoar frost is something that we see on a regular basis during the winter months . And it looks amazing on the trees if we have a few days of minus temperatures over night and cold temperatures during the day . As the frost doesn't have chance to thaw out , it just gets thicker and thicker . Making the trees look like something out of a winter wonderland .

I  had been watching the weather forecast for the week ahead . It was looking good for the days that i was fairly free , work wise . So it was up early on this particular morning and out with my camera bag and the two mad dogs !!
The Canal was looking fantastic in the frost . The water had frozen slightly . So the ducks were having to walk on the ice . But the Swans were able to break a path through the ice . You will see a photo of the swans later in this blog .

There are about half a dozen Narrow Boats moored up on our side of the canal . A couple of them are occupied full time and you can see the smoke coming from their chimney. The smell of the wood burning is fantastic . Some of it smells really sweet , even if it does make the dogs sneeze !!!

About a mile along the canal is a big field with the remains of an old church called St Peter's  . Very little remains of this church . But the link shows it in its former glory . It makes for a wonderful subject for photographers . I have seen quite a few people there, with cameras over the years .

As soon as the dogs get into this field they go crazy , running around like a pair of loonies . They love big open spaces to charge around in .
I spent around an hour wandering around with my camera . Below are some of the images from our walk in the cold .

 Frost covered ropes on a Narrow Boat
 Hoar frost on spiders web , on cabin of a dredger.
 The water has just started to freeze over .
 Wonderful frost on the trees and shrubs .
 A view of the frozen canal , with a path made by a boat that has come through .
 Another view of the path through the ice .
 Frost on a gate post .
 More views of the frost covered trees .
 Hoar frost on a wire fence . Converted to black and white .

 Lone jogger out for a cold morning run .
Looking across the field . With the ruins of St Peters church . With a fantastic dead tree next to it . In the distance you can see the spire of Hanslope Church .

Hope you have enjoyed looking at these photos and found some of the links of interest . Thanks Mark.