Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Some work from the last few weeks

Well , Christmas is well and truely behind us , but i wanted to tell you about a couple of small photographic related gifts that i received .

As i am often out with my camera during the cold days of winter , i always find using big clumsy gloves a pain , as i can't use any of the controls on the camera or lenses . I find that i am forever taking off gloves and putting them back on again , which is a real pain .
My mum asked me what she could get me for Christmas and , a pair of gloves for use with a camera was on my wish list . Come 25th December , i opened my parcel from mum and i was delighted to find a pair of Lowepro photo gloves . These are quite thin with rubber bobbles on the palms and fingers . They also allow the thumb and forefinger on each hand to slip out of the glove at the tip , with velcro on the fingers of the glove to keep the material out of the way . They are made of Lycra , with DuPont , for whicking sweat away from your skin .
I have been using them almost daily since i got them and have found them to be brilliant !!!! For a thin glove , they are really warm and allow you to still get to all the controls on the camera body and lenses .
The strange thing is i haven't been able to find them for sale in the UK . Mine came from Hong Kong , via Ebay. So if you don't mind waiting a little longer for them to arrive , i would highly reccomend investing in a pair . Mine came from Here .

The second gift was from a friend . They know that i like to be out taking images of wildlife and my two dogs in all weathers . So this gift of a waterproof mat to lay on was well received !! You can find the details of this here . Again , this has been put to good use during the recent snow that we have had . I am 6' 2" and i can lay on this and not get wet or cold from the ground . It rolls up and has a couple of clips to attatch to your camera bag , or even your belt .

Here are a couple of images taken using the mat and gloves , during the cold wintery weather that Britain has had .

Hope you enjoyed my blog and photos as well . If you want to see more of my work , or more of what i offer . Please visit my website , here .

Regards Mark.