Wednesday, 28 November 2012

My favorite lens . Nikon 70-200 2.8 vrg

For any keen photographer out there , there is always one or two lenses that we will hanker after . For me it was a 70-200 f2.8 . It didn't matter if it was a Nikon or a Canon . As i used to use canon , i always wanted one to go with my trusty old Canon T-90 . The Canon T90 was known as being miles ahead of it competitors when it was first launched . Even today there are dedicated lovers of this model . I still can't believe that i gave mine away !!! Yes , i gave it away . I met a student at my brother inlaws wedding . He was studying photography and was struggling to find himself a decent camera to complete the course . As i had by this time gone  digital , i hadn't used the Canon for a number of years , so it wasn't something i was going to miss . Or was i ?

Forward a few years and i am working for the Uk's largest food retail company . Part of your package is that you can buy shares as a saving scheme . So i used one years worth of shares to purchase my all time dream lens !! I had finally got my hands on a 70-200 2.8 .

Over the coming months i went out and about with my new pride and joy . Taking photos of almost anything i could . Trying it out on many subjects . From landscape , portraits to snaps of the dog running around  . I soon realised that this was one special lens . Amazingly sharp , superb quick focusing , great to handle and showed some wonderful Bokeh !!!

I have found that this lens and my 24-70 2.8 Nikon lens are my choice when it comes to most things . Including weddings . One of my wedding images using the 70-200 can be found here  . The slide show may show a variety of images . But the one that i really like is the black and white of the bride looking straight into camera , with her father in the background , out of focus .

So , if anyone is thinking of getting one of these lenses , please don't hesitate . Go out and get one !!! You will not regret it . Plus , if you ever decide to sell it . They really hold their value .

This was taken at the 2012 Appleby Horse fair . See my other blog on here for more images from this great fair .
Many thanks Mark .


Robert D Anderson said...

great review - I just bought the 70-200 and look forward to taking shots on the wales rally gb

Robert D Anderson said...

great site - great insight into the 70-200. I just bought one and look forward to taking shots with 'the beast'